Trails of Whiterock 

Main Loop Trail

The longest trail at Whiterock Conservancy, the main loop stretches a total of 9.7 miles, not including 4 additional spurs. The main loop is also Whiterock's oldest trail as it was originally a series of old farm roads. Along this trail, you can see everything from prairies, outlooks, agriculture fields, pastures, oak stands, and more! This double track trail is open for all uses: hiking, biking, and equestrian. In addition, the main loop can be driven by Whiterock’s rental gators. Private ATVs not permitted except for Slow Sunday Drives.

Pond Hopper Trail

Pond Hopper offers many features in a short 1.1 miles, with both historic and natural sights. At the start of the trail in River Campground, you will first go through denser forest before opening into oak savanna. Be sure to stop by the historic Brutsche cabin along the way before continuing back into forest and passing two fishing ponds. At the end of the trail, meet back up with the main loop for a faster route back to River Campground or simply turnaround and walk/ride the same way back! Pond hopper’s variety of habitats is a great way to see wildlife.

Steve Garst Trail

On the other side of the river as the Town Loop trail, the Steve Garst trail also connects visitors between Whiterock and Coon Rapids. Along this trail, you will pass by the visitor’s center, eagle’s nest, a small orchard, reconstructed prairie, and several ponds. Like the Town Loop, the Steve Garst trail passes by the Historic Garst Homestead and can be connected to create a large loop across the northern section of Whiterock. This well-maintained gravel trail is great for children and beginners, or simply those looking for an easy-going trip. Steve Garst trail is one of Whiterock’s most accessible trails as visitors can park at either the Historic Garst farmstead, the visitors center, or in Coon Rapids and the trail is flat gravel its entire length. This trail also meets up with the Carroll County trail and Riverside Park in northern Coon Rapids.

Town Loop Trail

The town loop trail is one of two trails that can be accessed from the nearby city of Coon Rapids or Whiterock Conservancy. The town loop follows along the Middle Raccoon river and through areas of cropland, pasture, prairie, and oak stands. This trail also passes through the historic Garst homestead where you can see barns with animals, educational signs, and the Garst Farmhouse and Hollycock cottage. Depending on the time of year, there may be cows, sheep, goats, or bison in the nearby pastures or paddocks at the homestead. Past the homestead are some public fishing ponds and an underpass into coon rapids. This well-maintained gravel trail is great for children and beginners, or simply those looking for an easy-going trip. There are two sections of steeper trail along the river section of the route. Add the Steve Garst Trail to make a full loop of the northwest part of Whiterock. This trail also connects to the Caroll County trail and Riverside park in northern Coon Rapids.