Main Loop Trail

Main Loop Trail

Whiterock Conservancy’s longest trail, the Main Loop stretches a total of 9.7 miles around Whiterock, not including 4 additional spurs. The Main Loop is also one of Whiterock's oldest trails as it was originally a series of old farm roads. Along this trail, you can see everything from prairies, outlooks, agriculture fields, pastures, oak stands, prescribed burn areas, and more. Along the Middle Raccoon River are several cretaceous sandstone outcrops, including the Whiterock and Redrock. The main loop also features several ponds that are open to the public for fishing. The west and east sides of this loop connect to the south at the River Campground (cross Fig Ave.) and to the north at a bridge crossing. The northern bridge was damaged by a prior flood and visitors should use caution when crossing. Main Loop’s double track trail is open for all users: hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. In addition, the Main Loop and its spurs can be driven by Whiterock’s rental ATVs. Private ATVs are not permitted at Whiterock except for Slow Sunday Drives and no vehicles can cross the damaged bridge.

Caution: damaged bridge on river crossing at northern end of loop. Use cation when crossing. Crossing this bridge is not permitted on the rental ATVs and discouraged for equestrian users.

Note: Trail route changes slightly by opening and closing of pasture gates in different seasons. Follow the associated red directional signs.

Type: Hike, Bike, Equestrian

Length: 9.7 miles

Difficulty Level: Easy

Shade: Partial (many unshaded sections)

Parking/Access: Can be most easily accessed from the River Campground and Oak Ridge Campground parking. River Campground is where the west and east side of the Loop connect. Access the east side of Loop from in River campground and west side from across the Fig Ave. bridge (second trailhead on the right).

Bett’s Farmhouse, Woodland Carriage House, and Oak Ridge Farmhouse rental accommodations all are located on the Main Loop.

Accessibility: Material: mainly gravel and compact grass/dirt. Width: wide. There are many inclines and heavy terrain areas and it is Whiterock's longest trail. Across its entire length, there is a lot of variety in conditions and terrain of the trail for its different uses. On the northern end of the loop, where the trail crosses the river, use caution on the damaged bridge.