Town Loop Trail

Town Loop Trail

The Town Loop is one of two trails that can be accessed from the nearby city of Coon Rapids or Whiterock Conservancy. Town Loop follows along the Middle Raccoon River and through areas of cropland, pasture, prairie, and oak stands. This trail also passes through the Historic Garst Farmstead where you can see farm animals, educational signs, and the Historic Garst Farmhouse and Hollyhock cottage. Throughout the year, there may be cows, sheep, goats, or bison in the nearby pastures and paddocks at the farmstead. Past the homestead are some public fishing ponds and an underpass into the town of Coon Rapids. This well-maintained gravel trail is great for children and beginners, and is open to all three uses: hiking, biking, and equestrians. Loop in the Steve Garst trail to make a full loop of the northwest part of Whiterock. This trail also connects to the Carroll County Trail and Riverside Park in northeastern Coon Rapids.

Type: Hike, Bike, Equestrian

Length: 3.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Partial

Parking/Access: Park at the Historic Garst Ponds or in Coon Rapids for most direct access.

Accessibility: Material: gravel and pavement. Width: wide. This trail is mostly flat in-town and can be easily accessed from multiple points along its length. Includes two steeper incline sections by the river (southern end of trail).