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Pond Hopper Trail

With ponds, forest, historic sights, and more, this 1.1 mile trail has it all.

Type: Hike, Bike

Length: 1.1 miles

Shade: Partially shaded/unshaded

Parking/Access: Park at River Campground. Trailhead is in the campground, behind the horse pens at the tree line. To go from the other direction, take Main Loop trailhead in the campground.

Big Dipper on map.png

Pond Hopper offers many features in a short 1.1 miles, with both historic and natural sights. It’s also a fun place to bike with rollers and good flow. At the start of the trail in River Campground, you will first go through denser forest before opening into oak savanna. Pond Hopper’s variety of habitats is a great way to see wildlife and is a favorite with bird watchers because the trail elevation means you don’t always have to look up. Be sure to stop by the historic Brutsche Cabin along the way before continuing back into forest and passing two public fishing ponds. At the end of the trail, meet back up with the Main Loop for a faster route back to River Campground or simply turnaround and walk/bike the same way back! Pond Hooper’s short, looped route from the River Campground makes it one of the most convenient short trails at Whiterock.

Note: Trail route changes slightly by opening and closing of pasture gates in different seasons. Follow the associated red directional signs.


Material: dirt, limestone aggregate patches, and open grassy areas. 

Width: varies between narrow and wide.

This trail has a variety of trail materials and goes through multiple habitat areas. The first section of trail by the River Campground has the most terrain changes, but overall, the trail is has very few inclines and no stream crossings.

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