Job Opportunities

          Whiterock Conservancy is looking for an Accountant to manage all financial transactions, from fixed payments and variable expenses to bank deposits and budgets. Accountant responsibilities include auditing financial documents and procedures, reconciling bank statements and calculating tax payments and returns. To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience with bookkeeping and a flair for spotting numerical mistakes. Ultimately, you will provide us with accurate quantitative information on financial position, liquidity and cash flows of our business, while ensuring we’re compliant with all tax regulations. This position may be completed both in the office or partially remote.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Monitor compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures

  • Oversee the operations of the accounting department, including the design of an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department's goals and objectives

          As the Land Programs Manager, you'll have the unique opportunity to help shape Whiterock Conservancy's new conservation easement monitoring program. In addition, this position will work in conjunction with the Land Manager on government and non-government land-related contracts. Responsibilities include but are not limited to building relationships with landowners and leaseholders, completing site inventories, drafting reports and leases, and interpreting and generating maps via GIS. You'll work as a team with other Whiterock staff and partners to manage, protect, and preserve Whiterock Conservancy's land assets and to accomplish organizational goals. This position reports to the Whiterock Conservancy Land Manager.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Visit easement and leased properties to meet with landowners and assess compliance with easement requirements

  • Collect and record landowner and easement data, both qualitative and quantitative. Collect, document, and process easement and land program inquiries from interested organizations and landowners