Whiterock's Trail System
40 miles, 19 trails, countless ways to enjoy!

Trail Use Fees

Hiking/Walking/Running: Free OR $2/day suggested donation

Mountain Biking: $5 per bike per day

Horseback Riding: $10 per horse per day

Annual Passes:

Trail fees help cover the cost of trail maintenance and help preserve the beautiful landscape.

Please pay at the self-serve kiosks located at all campgrounds, the visitors center, Historic Garst Farmstead, and trailheads.

Trail Amenities


All parking is free. Day parking is available at:


  • All campgrounds have potable water but do not have water fountains

  • Seasonal restrooms are typically open May-September

  • Campground bathrooms/showers close for the winter (Visitors Center is open all year)

  • Porta Johns and outhouse may periodically close for maintenance

Picnic Areas/Benches: Picnic areas are located at the Visitor’s Center and campgrounds. There is a large picnic pavilion located by the River House Barn (call ahead to reserve). Most benches are located along the following trails: Main Loop Trail, Steve Garst Trail, Town Loop Trail.

Cell Service: Cell coverage is spotty in the lower sections of the valley (along the river). Verizon provides the best cell coverage throughout the conservancy, followed by US Cellular, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Trail Maintenance: Our team works hard to clear downed trees, fill holes, cut back encroaching vegetation, etc. Help us keep the trails safe and clear by reporting maintenance issues at trails@whiterockconservancy.org. Please submit GPS coordinates/geotagged photos of the maintenance issue and description/additional photos if possible. 


If you are interested in helping us keep our trails in tip-top condition join our volunteer team!

Fences/Gates: Treat all fences as if they are live electric fences. Guests should not open gates. If a trail is blocked by a closed gate, consider the trail closed.

Trail Closures: Whiterock's trails periodically close for maintenance or due to poor weather conditions. Always check our homepage for the most up-to-date trail closure information.

Mountain bikers and equestrians, follow our trail Facebook groups: 

Updated: May 2022


Trails at a Glance

Get a quick overview of each of Whiterock's 40 miles of trails based on their length, difficulty, type, and more! Click each trail name for more information. 


Keep in mind many trails are located a distance from their nearest parking location. Several trails can be looped together to get back to where you started. 

*rental ATVs : Whiterock offers ATV rentals to visitors, call ahead to reserve. Private ATVs are not allowed at Whiterock except for on Slow Sunday Drives.

**Report maintenance issues such as downed trees to trails@whiterockconservancy.org. Thank you for helping us keep the trails safe!




Trail Materials: Hard trail materials such as compacted/mown grass, limestone aggregate mix (gravel), and pavement offer a sturdier and more level surface than soft trail materials (dirt, sand). Whiterock’s hard trails are the Main Loop plus spurs, Town Loop, and Steve Garst Trails, which are also wider than the soft trails. Soft trails more frequently experience holes, soft/wet spots, and steeper terrain changes; however, these features can also occur on hard trail surfaces.


Width: Trails marked as wide are generally large enough to fit 2 or more people across, while narrow are generally 1-2 people or 1 horse wide. The width of each trail are general estimates, which can vary over its length. Whiterock’s double track system (Main Loop + all spurs) are wide enough to fit an ATV and are where our rental ATVs can be driven.


Other considerations for trail accessibility are shade, inclines, stream crossings, length, and distance from parking/other amenities. Level of shade on trails ranges from no shade, mostly unshaded, partially shaded/unshaded, mostly shaded, fully shaded.


Accessibility descriptions are provided for each trail as a general guide. Please call ahead or stop by the Bur Oak Visitors Center during regular hours if you would like more information or guidance in picking the right trail.


For up-to-date facility and trail information contact: 712-790-8221 Ext. 1


In event of emergency, call 911 and inform operator that the closest town is Coon Rapids in Carroll County

(Whiterock Conservancy is within both Carroll and Guthrie counties, most dispatch services will be out of Carroll County).