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2021 Slow Sunday Drives!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Bring your ATV/UTV and experience the beauty of Whiterock during one - or multiple - of these five Slow Sunday Drives.



July 25

August 22

September 12

October 10

Each ride will start promptly at 2 pm and will last approximately 3 hours. You will have the chance to ride through prairie, timber, pasture and more while seeing breathtaking views of the river valley. Bring a cold beverage and the whole family for this fun event.

Please arrive behind the Historic Garst Farmhouse (1390 Highway 141, Coon Rapids) early to get checked in. The cost is $30 per vehicle, payable upon arrival.

There is some parking for trailers at the Garst Farmhouse or you can park near the golf course and use the underpass to drive to the Garst Farmhouse.

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
May 01

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Unknown member
Jan 17, 2023

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