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  • Barbra Jotzke-Torrier

A Message From Executive Director Dan Gudahl

What happened? Is Dan still there at Whiterock? Why is leaving? Is there a crisis? Did he get fired?

An Executive Director transition is something that raises all sorts of questions and generally is something that causes people to want to know more. I myself have been through a few of these transitions and it is human nature to be curious about why this is happening now.

In my case, well…retirement is a decision that is certainly a milestone in one’s life and is not an easy decision always to make. I turn 65 in August. Medicare kicks in on August 1. I certainly don’t want to do what I am doing now when I am 70 and I have been at Whiterock almost 4 years already! The best Executive Director transitions that I have observed in the past have been ones that have been planned and have some overlap between the old director and the new one. Since I have been working steadily since 1981 in the development field and I have not paid any attention to my large storage building and land I own in Arkansas for the past 6 years…and since my wife retired a few years ago…and since we just had our second grandchild…well I thought after 40 years, it might be time to try and enjoy a less hectic and stressful lifestyle while I still can.

During my time as Executive Director, I have been able to check off a number of items on my “bucket list” and I hope to keep working on this list as I move into retirement. I am confident that the Whiterock Board of Directors can find someone smarter and more capable to take on the Executive Director challenge here at Whiterock. I don’t plan to relinquish my responsibilities until the new person starts and feels confident with their orientation. Ana and I plan to stay in Coon Rapids and as time allows, I would like to still volunteer and assist at Whiterock as needed.

Feel free to give me a call at 712 292 8640 if you have questions.

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