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  • Barbra Jotzke-Torrier

Come Hang Out!

In order to become an Eagle Scout, a Scout has to complete a service project that benefits the community. It should demonstrate the Scout’s leadership abilities and support an institution, such as a church, school or other community organization, that isn’t affiliated with Scouts BSA.

For the past two weeks, Tyler Scroggins has been developing and implementing his Eagle Scout service project at Whiterock Conservancy. Together with his friends, family, volunteers and Whiterock staff, he built a hammock park at the Star Field Campground.

The hammock park consists of several posts on which guests can string up their own hammocks. This solves the common issue of finding trees that are the proper distance apart and also protects trees from overuse and rubbing.

Next time you visit Whiterock, be sure to bring your hammock and hang out!

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Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

You can camp there. The site is first-come, first-serve as with other campsites. It is located toward the back of Star Field. When you turn into the campground, there is a gravel path that leads straight back - if you follow it you'll see the posts.


Unknown member
Aug 06, 2020

Are the hammock posts for camping or day-use only? Where exactly are they located at Starfield?

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