• Barbra Jotzke-Torrier

Conservation Lands Manager Position

Job Title: Conservation Lands Manager, Whiterock Conservancy

Position Description

Reports directly to: Executive Director

Status: Full-Time Year Round Salaried - Exempt

Salary: $50,000-$60,000 commensurate with experience & education

Vacation: 10 Days Annually

Paid Holidays: 10

Health Insurance: Whiterock offers two group plan health insurance program options and contributes $4500 annually towards the premiums.

Proximity to WRC: Employee must reside within 40 min. of WRC.

Summary: Delivers science-based conservation programs for Whiterock Conservancy (WRC), our constituents, and partners. Leads WRC’s conservation programs and assists in the development and implementation of such programs. Manages WRC’s agricultural and non-production lands focused on ecological health, recreation opportunities, and quality production practices. Manages WRC’s government and non-government land management contracts.


E Facilitates and develops partnerships with like-minded organizations, local, state,

regional and federal agencies and research institutions as needed to develop and

deliver WRC conservation programs.

E Develops assessment protocols for, and leads implementation of, baseline

ecological data collection on WRC property. Oversees the long-term ecological

monitoring on WRC property.

E Provides science-based leadership and planning of WRC's land management,

including but not limited to merging conservation and land protection issues with

enhanced public recreation opportunities and agricultural production. Assesses

baseline data that leads to informed ecological land management decisions.

E Administers WRC’s USDA program contracts and contract implementation, including

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts and mid-contract management

practice implementation, Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) contracts

practice implementation, and land certification.

E Assists with the implementation of conservation-science based Best Management

Practices (BMP's) on WRC property and works with adjacent private landowner properties as needed.

E Serves as WRC’s on-site natural resources and historical expert with an

emphasis on performing presentations for individuals and groups.

E Provides all of WRC’s GIS-based land management and mapping program needs.

E Collaborates with operations & burn crew for prescribed fire

practices at WRC.

E Works cooperatively with pasture and row crop tenant producers to develop and

implement innovative agricultural programs that integrate production systems with

conservation and outdoor recreation.

E Assists in the development and delivery of professional workshops and presentations.

E Develop, write, and implement grants designed to deliver WRC conservation,

recreation, and working landscape programs.

E Attends local, regional, and national meetings to represent WRC as needed.

E Manage WRC’s agricultural, conservation, row crop, pasture, and hunting leases.

E Supervise land maintenance staff, interns, and volunteers in the delivery of routine

land management tasks and special projects, including but not limited to land

restoration, agricultural, and trail projects.

E Keeps current on conservation science issues and needs, per literature, conferences

and through contacts with other watershed or natural resources groups, relative to issues pertinent to watershed and natural lands management.

E Carries out programmatic responsibilities in accordance with WRC's organizational

policies, programs and procedures.

E Participates in non-grant related fundraising efforts, including but not limited to assisting with donor and constituent cultivation events and community/special events.

E Collaborates with marketing & communications staff to provide science-expertise

for the development and production of WRC publications.

E Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

E Willingness to travel on business, using own vehicle if necessary, under the existing WRC business travel reimbursement policy.

D Become active in advancing community-related activities, strive to participate in a

community-leadership capacity.

D Assists Executive Director with organizational strategic planning, development of

1-year work plans, development of yearly project and organizational budget.


A Bachelor’s of Science Degree in natural resource management, environmental science, or a related field; plus 3 or more years professional experience.

Proficient computer skills, experience with all aspects of using ArcGIS geographic information systems software.

Proven commitment and passion for conservation of natural resources and agricultural production. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.