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Big Dipper Trail

A long loop through forest with many hills and dips.

Type: Hike, Bike

Length: 3.4 miles (4.4 miles total)

Difficulty: Medium

Shade: Fully shaded

Parking/Access: Park at Star Field Campground and access using Little Dipper Trail (either direction, the loops connect) or park at River Campground and access using Shooting Star Trail. Follow the trail direction signs for each.

Big Dipper on map.png

As Whiterock’s second longest single-track trail, Big Dipper is sure to get the blood pumping whether hiking or biking. Although the trail itself is 3.4 miles, this loop is completed by a section of the Little Dipper Trail for a total of 4.4 miles. Big Dipper is entirely forested with many inclines and terrain changes to keep the journey exciting. Big Dipper can only be accessed from Little Dipper Trail or Shooting Star Trail. Loop all three trails together for a longer trip! Along Big Dipper there are a few small stream crossings with sturdy bridges and many opportunities to look out over ravines and across the forest. Like other forested trails, Big Dipper is prone to fallen trees and branches after storms as well as wet spots. Report downed trees/other maintenance issues to


Material: dirt. 

Width: narrow. 

This medium level trail has many inclines and terrain changes as well as being the second longest single-track trail at Whiterock. Has a few small stream crossings (also a few bridges for crossing). Sections of the trail may be reinforced with other trail materials.

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