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Bluebell Trail

Whiterock's longest equestrian-only trail.

Type: Hike, Equestrian

Length: 1.7 miles

Shade: Fully shaded

Parking/Access: Park at either River Campground (1.4 miles away) or Oak Ridge Campground (1 mile away). Horse pens and trailer parking are available at both campgrounds. All equestrian trails must be accessed using the Main Loop Trail from one of these parking locations.

Big Dipper on map.png

Bluebell Trail is Whiterock’s longest equestrian trail (not counting the multi-use Main Loop Trail) and winds though secluded forest. Raspberry bushes are scattered throughout this area as well as old coal mining slag. Bluebell notably has more red oak trees than other trails, which creates a very spacious and immersive feeling within the trail’s tall canopy. Like the other equestrian trails in this area, Bluebell blooms with many forest wildflowers in the spring. These dense forests are a great place for wildlife watching, especially forest birding. All equestrian trails are open to hiking as well as horses, biking is not allowed. Trail is prone to fallen trees and branches after storms. Report downed trees/other maintenance issue to


Material: dirt trail reinforced with limestone aggregate. 

Width: narrow. 

Fine limestone aggregate mix reinforces the trail for equestrian use. None of the equestrian trails can be accessed directly from a parking location.

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