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Eastern Spur

Connects to three equestrian trail along both wooded and prairie ecosystems.

Type: Hike, Bike, Equestrian

Length: 0.9 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Partially shaded/unshaded

Parking/Access: Park at Oak Ridge Campground or River Campground and use the eastern side of Main Loop to access. If staying at the Log House, Eastern Spur trailhead is directly west of the house.

Big Dipper on map.png

Another spur of the Main Loop Trail, the Eastern Spur is a great way to access the White Oak and Bluebell equestrian trails or the secluded Log House rental. The Eastern Spur passes though both forested and wide-open areas and includes a small stream crossing point. This stream crossing can be used to water horses as it is fed by an artesian spring. It has a small walking bridge to cross (or get your feet wet!). In the spring and summer, Eastern Spur features colorful prairie and many scenic viewing areas. Along the Eastern Spur is the approximate location of the intersection between the Des Moines Lobe and Southern Iowa Drift Plain (see on White Oak Trail as well). This trail features multiple outlook points where the contrast between the flat Des Moines lobe and hilly Southern Iowa Drift Plain is very visible. Eastern Spur’s secluded forested areas are a wonderful place for bird watching woodland species.


Material: compacted grass, some limestone aggregate reinforcement patches. 

Width: wide. 

A few terrain changes and one stream crossing with walking bridge. 

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