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Full Main Loop

Including Steve Garst and Town Loop Trails for the longest continuous loop at Whiterock.

Total Length: 15.2 miles

Trails included: Main Loop, Town Loop, Steve Garst

Type: Hike, Bike, Equine* (Horses not allowed on Steve Garst Trail)

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Mostly unshaded

Parking: Bur Oak Visitors Center, Historic Garst Farmstead, Oak Ridge Campground, River Campground, Coon Rapids

Big Dipper on map.png

As the longest continuous loop, this route goes all the way around Whiterock Conservancy and up into Coon Rapids, passing many of Whiterock’s main attractions. You can make this route even longer by adding on any of Main Loop’s spurs, a section of single track, or equestrian trails. Although horses are not permitted on Steve Garst trail, equestrians can still travel the entire Main Loop and up to the Historic Garst Farmstead and Coon Rapids using the Town Loop trail. The intersection of the east and west side of the Main Loop trail is located at the River Campground. Read each trail description page for more detailed information. Private ATVs not permitted.


Material: crushed limestone, compacted grass/dirt reinforced with other materials in sections, and pavement (sidewalk and paved trail).

Width: wide.

As the longest loop at Whiterock, the total distance covers a variety of trail surfaces and difficult areas, including several steep inclines. River Campground is the crossover point for the west and east sides of the loop. The east side trailhead is within the River Campground while the west side is across the bridge on Fig Ave. (second trailhead on the right). To the north, the crossover point is in Coon Rapids, follow the street signs to connect Town Loop and Steve Garst Trails.

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