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Long Creek Trail

Whiterock's longest single track mountain bike trail.

Type: Hike, Bike

Length: 4.6 miles (6 miles total)

Shade: Mostly shaded

Parking/Access: Park at River Campground. Long Creek trailhead located 0.25 mi down Riverside Trail. From River Campground, Riverside is across the Fig Ave. bridge, the first trailhead on the right. When accessing from the other end, take Riverside to 805 Spur, tailhead is a 0.25 mile up 805 Spur.

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As Whiterock Conservancy’s longest single-track trail, this winding route travels through forest and is a favorite of experienced mountain bikers. Hikers and Bikers alike will enjoy the variety of terrain and scenery throughout Long Creek but will also just as quickly point out there is lots of climbing no matter which direction you travel (which also means some great downhills). Long Creek alone is 4.6 miles, but this trail cannot be completed without creating a loop using 805 Spur and Riverside Trail to get back to the River Campground. The Long Creek-805 Spur-Riverside Loop is just under 6 miles, so expect a long journey when starting this trail. Note this trail is a moderate difficulty and has some steep inclines and sandy spots. Like other forested trails, Long Creek is prone to fallen trees and branches from storms. Report downed trees and other trail maintenance issues to


Material: dirt, reinforced with wooden planks, sand, and limestone aggregate in areas. 

Width: narrow. 

A medium level trail, this trail has many inclines and terrain changes, and its overall length is the longest single track at Whiterock. Hikers and Bikers alike should adequately prepare to take on this trail.

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