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Oak, White, and Blue Loop

Loop together three equestrian trails for an extended trail ride

Total Length: 6.8 miles (from Oak Ridge Campground), 6.3 miles (from River Campground)\

Trails Included: Whitetail, White Oak, Bluebell

Type: Equestrian or Hike

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Mostly shaded (Main Loop sections are mostly unshaded)

Parking: River Campground or Oak Ridge Campground

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The three eastern equestrian trails: Whitetail, Bluebell, and White Oak can all be accessed using the Main Loop Trail, either from River Campground or Oak Ridge Campground. There are many ways to loop these trails together for long horseback ride or hike. From Oak Ridge Campground head south on the Main Loop Trail, around White Oak and Bluebell in a loop and over to Whitetail Trail. Then, return to Oak Ridge Campground for a full loop of 6.8 miles. To loop all three trails from the River Campground, take the Main Loop east to Whitetail, over to Bluebell and White Oak, and then back to River Campground for a total of 6.3 miles. While the multi-use Main Loop Trail allows for hiking, biking, and equestrians, these three equestrian trails are for horses or hikers only, making them the preferred trails of many equestrian users. In addition to these three equestrian trails, Redrock Climb is an equestrian trail located on the other side of the river and can also be accessed from either campground.


Material: dirt trails reinforced with limestone aggregate.

Width: narrow-wide (usually only wide enough for 1 horse across in most places, though several sections are wider.

Limestone aggregate reinforces dirt trail for equestrian use. None of the three equestrian trails can be accessed directly from a parking location.

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