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Redrock Climb Trail

Climb this steep trail to one of the best outlook points at Whiterock Conservancy.

Type: Hike, Equestrian, Bikers: Uphill only

Length: 0.4 miles

Shade: Mostly unshaded

Parking/Access: To go uphill, access from the Redrock Spur (see Redrock Spur parking/access info). To go downhill, access from east Main Loop Trail, closest parking at Oak Ridge Campground.

Big Dipper on map.png

Considered the best scenic view at Whiterock, Redrock Climb is worth the short hike from either Oak Ridge Campground and the Main Loop Trail on one end or River Campground and Redrock Spur on the other. Redrock Climb offers a short but steep incline/decline to look out over the Middle Raccoon River and its surrounding hills. Directly along the trail are scattered areas of oak savanna and prairie. This area of Whiterock features the best section of oak savanna restoration. Along with the oak savanna restoration, many interesting prairie species can be found along this trail. Bikers are only allowed to ride uphill on Redrock Climb and must dismount if going downhill. Equestrians and Hikers can go either direction.


Material: limestone aggregate and dirt. 

Width: wide. 

Redrock climb is a steady incline its entire length, although reinforced with limestone aggregate in many sections, there are several rougher terrain sections.

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