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Shooting Star - Big Dipper - Little Dipper Loop

A scenic route through forest with many inclines.

Total Length: 6.5 miles

Trails included: Shooting Star, Big Dipper, Little Dipper

Type: Hike or Bike

Difficultly: Medium

Shade: Fully shaded

Parking: River Campground, Star Field Campground

Big Dipper on map.png

Though 6.5 miles in total length, these three trails can be connected several different ways for a distinct experience each time. The Shooting Star Trail provides access to the Big Dipper Trail from River Campground while Little Dipper proves access from Star Field Campground. From River Campground, start off with a big climb by taking Shooting Star to Big Dipper, complete the full Big Dipper Loop and use Shooting Star to return to the campground (5.8 miles). For a different route, start at Star Field Campground and loop together just Big and Little Dipper trails (4.2 miles). Your efforts will be rewarded with amazing vistas and exhilarating downhills. Both Shooting Star and Big Dipper offer difficult terrain through a forested landscape. Expect to get your feet or wheels dirty as there are several small stream crossings along this route. Shooting Star is subject to closure when water levels are high, as the stream crossing becomes un-passable. Always check for trail closures on the homepage before venturing out.


Material: dirt, reinforced with sand in some sections.

Width: narrow.

All three trails are single track dirt trails that may experience soft spots and have stream crossings. Shooting Star and Big Dipper both have steep inclines and declines and are a medium difficulty. Shooting Star has drop off-points and wide stream crossing that may be difficult to pass. Always check for trail closures on the homepage before using these trails.

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