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Steve Garst Trail

Connect Whiterock Conservancy to Coon Rapids on this paved/gravel trail east of the river.

Type: Hike, Bike

Length: 2.2 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Partially shaded/unshaded

Parking/Access: Park at the Bur Oak Visitors Center or in Coon Rapids. Additional two parking spots at trailhead in Coon Rapids

Big Dipper on map.png

The Steve Garst Trail connects visitors safely between Whiterock and Coon Rapids via an underpass under Highway 141. Along this trail, you will pass by the Bur Oak Visitor’s Center, an eagle’s nest, a small orchard (free to pick when fruiting!), reconstructed prairie, and a large wetland area. The Steve Garst Trail can be connected to the Town Loop Trail creating a large loop across the northern section of Whiterock. This well-maintained, mostly flat trail is a mix of paved trail and limestone aggregate. It is great for children and beginners and is one of Whiterock’s most accessible trails. Visitors can park at the Bur Oak Visitors Center or in Coon Rapids. This trail is open to hiking and biking but not equestrian use. The Steve Garst Trail connects with the Carroll County Trail and Riverside Park in southeast Coon Rapids.


Material: limestone aggregate and paved.

Width: wide. 

A very flat trail and can be started from multiple parking locations and access points, including in Coon Rapids. Passes the Visitors Center. Considered Whiterock’s most accessible trail.

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