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Goat Herd Update!

In 2019 we began our herd of “invasive species fighters.” A recent article published by Practical Farmers of Iowa highlighted a variety of other terms used to describe goat herds that are used to manage problem areas: goat scaping, ecofriendly invasive clearing practices, prescribed or targeted grazing, contract or custom grazing, mowing without fuel or labor (while providing natural fertilizer) or double dipping on cash rent or yield.

All these terms just reinforce what we have observed this past summer…goats like to browse and do a lot of good when used and managed correctly. Our goats have helped to manage and clear about 15 acres of overgrown land at Whiterock. If we had to rent goats for this purpose, costs range up to a $1000 per acre for clearing service or $5 per goat per day.

Along with a faithful guard donkey Raji, we now have 23 goats, 19 females, 2 wethers and 2 bucks. We had 3 kids in November and 12 more in February! After the first frost here, we prepared a barn at the Garst Historic District to house and feed the goats over the winter. They

have spent the winter months getting fat and happy on hay and pellets and will return to their duties in the spring.

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