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Long Creek - 805 Spur - Riverside Loop

Longest continuous mountain bike track at Whiterock Conservancy.

Total Length: 5.8 miles

Trails Included: Long Creek, section of 805 Spur, Riverside

Type: Hike or Bike

Difficulty: Medium

Shade: Mostly shaded

Parking: River Campground

Big Dipper on map.png

This loop is the longest uninterrupted mountain biking single track at Whiterock. Starting at River Campground, this 6 mile loop of Long Creek, 805 Spur, and Riverside Trails can be completed either hiking or biking. This route is the preferred trip for many bikers at Whiterock and most recommended for experienced users, so prepare before taking on this trail. The hard climbs will be rewarded with fast flowing descents. The best features of these trails are the varied terrain and environments. From winding dirt trails through forest to a flat scenic trail along the river, this loop offers a very diverse experience. You will pass by the 805 River Cabin, have the chance to view the Redrock outcropping, and go by rare wetland seeps. Read each trail description page for more detailed information.


Material: compact grass, limestone aggregate, dirt, some sections reinforced with sand, wooden planks, concrete slabs. Section of smooth boardwalk on Riverside trail by 805 Cabin.

Width: narrow throughout almost the entire length. 805 Spur is double track.

Long Creek is a moderate difficulty trail with many inclines and descents over its length and varied terrain. There are several small stream crossing points and soft spots along these trails. Hikers and Bikers alike should adequately prepare to take on this trail.

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