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Prairie Spur

The best trail to see reconstructed prairie at Whiterock Conservancy.

Type: Hike, Bike, Equestrian

Length: 0.4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: No shade

Parking/Access: Closest parking is River Campground, take west side of the Main Loop until reaching the spur. West side of the Main Loop can be accessed by crossing Fig Ave. bridge, second trailhead in the left.

Big Dipper on map.png

Prairie Spur offers a glimpse back in time to pre-settlement Iowa with one of the best reconstructed prairies at Whiterock Conservancy. It is a flat wide-open trail with no shade, but in the spring and summer is in full bloom with a variety of wildflowers and prairie grasses. This area has great potential to see wildlife, especially prairie species. The west end of the trail is considered one the of best places to watch the sunset at Whiterock Conservancy. This outlook point also marks the divide between the Middle Raccoon River and Brushy Creek watersheds. Prairie Spur is flat and wide but can only be accessed from the Main Loop Trail, which requires significant climbs.


Material: compacted grass. 

Width: wide. 

Trail is overall considered flat, even, and easy. Prairie Spur cannot be accessed directly from a parking location. Section of Main Loop used to get to Prairie Spur has steep incline.

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