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805 Spur Equestrian Route

The main route for equestrians to reach 805 River Cabin and the Redrock Bluff.

Total Length: 3 miles one-way, 6 miles total

Trails Included: Main Loop trail (west side), 805 Spur

Type: Equestrian, Hike, or Bike

Difficulty: Easy

Shade: Partially shaded/unshaded

Parking: River Campground or Oak Ridge Campground (add 4 miles)

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Although not a loop, this route is the main way to access the 805 River Cabin on the west side of the river for equestrian users. From River Campground, take the main loop trail to the west (trailhead across the bridge on Fig Ave.). Go past the Prairie Spur and take the 805 spur down to the 805 cabin. This track is multi-use, but a great way for equestrians to enjoy a different area of Whiterock than the equestrian trails on the eastern side of the river. If starting at Oak Ridge Campground, take Main Loop over to Redrock Climb, and then Redrock Spur, which adds 2 miles to the distance each way. Since this is an out-and-back trail, the total length is 6 miles, it is 3 miles to get to 805 cabin using this route.


Material: Compact grass/dirt with some limestone aggregate reinforced sections.

Width: Wide

This route consists of the Main Loop trail and 805 Spur, both of which are double track with compact grass/dirt and gravel. Some spots of the Main Loop trail have rough patches. 805 Spur is mainly gravel and a steady decline towards the river. This is the main route for equestrians to reach 805 cabin, since horses are not allowed on the Riverside Trail route.

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