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Riverside Trail

Scenic trail along the river to the 805 River Cabin

Type: Hike, Bike

Length: 0.9 miles

Shade: Partially shaded/unshaded

Parking/Access: Park at River Campground, cross Fig Ave. bridge, first trailhead on the right. From 805 Cabin, Riverside trailhead is directly south.

Big Dipper on map.png

This short, flat trail offers a wide view of the Middle Raccoon River and two of Whiterock’s unique ecosystems, wetland seeps and oak savanna. The wetland seeps are located closest to the river on one side of the trail and the oak stands on the other side of the trail, further from the river. At the 805 River Cabin on the north end of the trail, look across the river to see Redrock bluff, one of Whiterock’s largest sandstone outcrops. Also by the 805 Cabin is a section of boardwalk trail over a small wetland area. This trail feels like a leisurely walk along the river. The Riverside Trail can be used to access the Long Creek Trail, the longest single-track trail at Whiterock. Riverside Trail is the main route used to access the rustic 805 Cabin by hikers and bikers.


Material: dirt with a section of boardwalk near 805 Cabin, some soft spots reinforced with wooden planks and concrete slabs. 

Width: narrow. 

Overall, trail is flat and even, but has several soft spots and one small stream crossing that may make access difficult after rain or high-water levels.

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